Number Riddle

So, I was challenged by a MATHEMATICIAN today.She said, CHOOSE a 9-digit number between 0-9.

Then SUBTRACT another 9-digit number between 0-9.

You will GET a 9-digit number between 0-9, also.
In LESS THAN A MINUTE, I called her and said I GOT it!
Are you up for some NUMBER RIDDLE, too?

Maybe you can do better than me in less than a minute or even less.

Try it!:)

#MARCHing Fast! 🏃

Time sure is.
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#MARCHing fast! 🏃 Time sure is. #March2016 #CollectPhotoApp #clenphotoaday2016

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Cheers from this “MARCHing” side of the world. 🤘😝

He is RISEN! â˜ðŸ»ï¸

Sunrise and Easter often go well together.

Every waking day, Jesus is everywhere.

As far as the east is from the west,

His arms on the cross were spread to show LOVE at its best.

As I cannot count the sand,

I cannot count the great things that He has planned.

My phone doesn’t give justice to the beauty on this side.

But Jesus died and rose again, so we can be JUSTIFIED.

That’s good enough for me.

Jesus is MORE than enough for me.
He is RISEN! ☝🏻️

Happy Easter y’all.
Cheers from this side of the world! 😊👍🏻